To Love is To Create

Love is a power itself that means one thing— to create. To love is to create then. Everything in the world we know and we don’t know, we see and we don’t see— are products of creation. Creation is not just from putting physicality to nothingness. Creation is an act of love—giving more and giving far more— as described by its very nature. When creation is shared to us as our ability, we share, we give and we make. Whatever we partake has become, that is love in its unfolding. However, we can only understand love in the limit of our individual understanding, exposure and experience. This is how human perspective about love interplays. But when we are able to transcend beyond what we have known about love— then to our minds will be surreal revelations: to some, our real essence, of which a few may have a glimpse; or to some, snippets of tellings ahead of time, of which many have been condemned, and suffered.


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