To Have Peace

What is peace when experienced? Generations have been talking about it, but somehow it has been constantly elusive. It is gone even before we have tasted it, have seen or reaped its glory. But why? Is peace simply a dream? Or an illusion? Do we have control over it? Is it something searched? Or is it something that is already there? In the search for peace, we also search for answers. We have plenty of explanations, but not always the answers. Yes, peace is constantly at hand. It is in our will. It is up to us to make it happen. It does not only exist in dreams. It can happen now. The only thing is— we are the reasons that delimit its ideals. As always, the moment we start it is also the same moment we break it. We compel circumstances that long peace; but we also make it difficult to stay long. The brevity of peace somehow in our life is enough to cause us to aspire more for its longevity, as peace that is lasting will usher an era of understanding and prosperity. When there will be peace, there will be progress. And for a moment, let us think about ourselves, and reflect upon of having peace that is permanent and enduring. Will it be possible? To have peace is not difficult if only our pride is tamed….

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