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The Door Is Not Hidden

Living life can be confined to many things— based on how you see the world around, how you are brought up, how you interpret society’s norms, and how you live up to your own or others’ expectations. It’s living a world where everything perhaps is imposed, and sometimes your own choices don’t make a difference. Though there might be a will to see what is beyond the fence, often the fence is tall and sturdy enough— that a weak effort may not be able to sustain. Consequently, we thrive understanding what is around us, and like horses which eyes are covered to ensure oneness of direction while pulling the carriage, we too become one-sighted. Somehow, there is nothing wrong of being one. The fact is a single possibility can offer more focus; but several possibilities can offer more revelations and understanding. So it’s a choice to make— to know more and live life learned, or to stay as is and live life as usual. The door is not hidden, so find it.

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