Question Not

We all have seen the sufferings of this world. Be they in the form of economic or political or cultural struggles, the consequences are terrible. Everyone is affected. And yet sometimes we just close our eyes and ears for the obvious. We still ask the same questions over and over again of why the world is suffering and sad. We know the answers, but do we have the courage to stand for the right answers? Indeed, life is a manifest struggle for survival, but what is survival if we just live on our own, without eventually people to share with in the community. We know sufferings can be man-made, self-inflicted, and chosen. And how these would affect the world, at first we could not care less. The answer is on us— if we know what kind of happiness we live in and how we make that happiness possible, that is where the clues live. Somehow, the sadness of this world may never be overtaken, but we can start doing our part. Instead of asking questions, why not share our own ways. Question not— at least may uplift life for a time being. We will soon realize…

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