Making Progress

We all want to move forward towards a better life. Moving forward means we are aware of where we are going and what we will be doing. To be successful, we need goals in the future to set upon ourselves, for only having one or many that change will be possible. The drive to achieve is upon us, and must be fueled with expectations that something can be done. If something is impossible, it makes it challenging. And being filled with challenges is a possibility that we must confront to learn. However, we should bear in mind that no matter how we desire and put all our efforts on something, the finality is not always ours for the asking. There is the biggest goal beyond what we know now that we may not understand. If that big design compliments to ours, then ours will be a success; but if not, it is ours to learn and reflect the reason. In the name of progress, life changes. If we want better progress, life changes for the better. Making progress therefore is a deliberate act of willing and acting, until a desire is satisfied and rewarded with either success or failure. Whatever is the result, contemplate always the biggest reason….

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