Little Acts of Kindness

Each of us is having the ability to help. It is the unselfish nature of our humanity– that is, to feel for others in their successes or sufferings. How noble it is, yet sometimes what craves in is the excessive force of uncertainty that teaches egoism and arrogance. Some surrenders to the fear of the unknown and haplessly secure themselves with anything possessed, that even an obvious hungry man cannot be shared with their abundant food! They become slaves to the fear of giving. For them, giving even a little can destroy them! What kind of hearts that badly need change! On the other hand, there is beauty in sharing, far reaching than what is felt at the moment we give ourselves for others in their difficulties. Content is not physical abundance. Happiness is not having all the material things in the world. There is more on them than in our mundane perception, and the easiest chance to experience their imminence is through letting our little acts of kindness sincerely go for anyone suffering– thus making the biggest difference….

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