Learning Anew

Life’s journey is a matter of learning. We come to this world and start to expand our consciousness everyday through the process of learning. The more we learn the more we become conscious of the world around us and understand more the nuances and details of any singular moment. Learning is the power to make sense of our environment and of ourselves. The more we learn, the more we understand ourselves. Yet, one thing about learning that we must always be careful— it is our tendency to dwell in perpetuity about anything we assimilate into our minds. Nothing is wrong with the idea about facts, and what we believe. There are absolute things not of this world, while this world’s constancy is exercised in its ever changing landscape of knowledge. What we learn now may not be anymore a fact of tomorrow. Indeed, there are some of us who may not be disposed to accepting newer ideas. Somehow, it is their preference and they are entitled to. Nevertheless, for truth to evolve and comes to its fullness, it is with an open attitude that we should welcome changes brought about by more discoveries and inventions. Learning anew is only possible through an open mind and heart unlearning all their biases and prejudices that we can be ushered into a new reality of understanding ourselves, others and the world we live in ….

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