Life is Amazing! Read about a perspective on life in a colored profile through designed banners and gain insights into your own. Reflect what life has offered to you, and how you are responding to its messages and workings. Are you afraid? Are you confident? Are you sad? Or are you feeling content? Ask questions about life in your own perspective, and let Living Thoughts offer you an opportunity of insights to live the best of what you have right now and what you will have in the near future.

Learn To Listen

Why not listen? Or are you listened? We constantly talk and express ourselves oftentimes to the point of exhaustion. Nevertheless, some may be tired talking but others may enjoy it. Somehow it’s a skill to enhance, or to control. It brings about the best in us or the worst. All depends. But talking means something as well, that we often forget it, and if we do, we simply do it in passing. Yes, listening is a very important skill to develop to strengthen our empathy for others. The moment we can fit in ourselves in others’ shoes, and feel their happiness and sorrows, we can say that we learn to listen. Isn’t it best to have both worlds of talking and listening? While we listen more and more ….

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