Know More Within

What are more obvious are the things we perceive by our senses. Often, beauty is judged because of color, shape and sizemundane criteria that humanity has been nourished, and where biases often thrive. Yet, what more is not obvious, the most significant, the underlying rule of reality and the ultimate face of beauty—is often disregarded. Of course, what is obvious is the most prioritized. Something not seen and not observed are relegated to the mysterious, where faith rules supreme. But when faith utters more, “that which cannot be perceived” can no longer take the backseat— there is a world within far from descriptions, far from worldly touches, far from the torment of physicality. We may have known about it, but too fearful to venture upon its steps, perhaps the domain of saints and sages as we may have been told. Nonetheless, ordinary as we are, as long as we seek for inner truth, inner fulfillment, inner liberation— to satisfy that inner longing: to know more within is the only avenue where the fullness of understanding of the world we live can be achieved. Thus what we hold up by our senses will be fully appreciated and understood.

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