Intend the Best Possibilities

Every possible thing that happens is always born out of intention. We desire our intention, sometimes without much full awareness, instead with passivity in the act of willing. Our intention is often seeded with doubt that it can be realized. Oftentimes, this clouds the things we are willing to make for ourselves and others— and as always what comes out may not always be the best. Then why intend with weak conviction? Why should we be afraid of fear? Why should we be stopped by the unknown? The fact is— in our intention, we have the full power of believing of what we can do and of what we can realize. But uncertainty mars always the picture, and casts doubt into a potential. Nevertheless, what if we intend with a strong conviction in our mind and heart? What if we believe in our intention without fear and doubt? What if we truly are convinced with our intention regardless of any human factors that decide for it? Indeed, our very intention if wholeheartedly lived out, without reservation, may make more understanding of our own possibilities! Yet, if our intention does not come out as we expect, know for a fact that it is always realized through something else. As it is said: there is no prayer left unanswered; it is for us to discover how our prayers are realized in the varied forms, moments, facts, and events in our life! All is there— realized! Thus, intend the best possibilities and we will discover our better selves being content and glad ….

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