If You Hear Your Heart

Sometimes we are so busy hearing all the noises of the world that we cannot even discriminate any specific sounds coming. Some of the noises are just too loud to be understood, and some are faint enough that cannot be totally heard at all. But what makes listening to all of these noteworthy is that we can never escape from hearing them. The only thing, the significant ones are just simply ignored along with the others, as everything is just a plain ordinary noise. Yet, what if we focus and hear something extraordinary, as it comes from our heart? What can be our reactions when for the first time we hear not just audible words but real feelings evoking from the awareness that we hear from our heart this time? Indeed, if we hear our heart talking, then we must listen further. There is more to what our ears can hear. There is more to what our minds can perceive. There is something about it that can only be revealed if listened more. If you hear your heart….

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