Gratitude Makes Strengths

We live everyday with hesitations within, as fear compromises our dreams and aspirations in life. Yet, one thing we do not know that there is a cure to all the pessimistic and negative understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. That cure is simpler than it is thought, and in fact we have practiced it already for sometimes, though to realize its significance, it must be done with sincerity and consistency. Yes, gratitude neutralizes the negative things within. Gratitude makes strengths in us. It converts the horrendous fear and debilitating hesitant attitude within us into a positively driven understanding of reality. With gratitude, hope is transformed to confidence, faith moves mountain, prayers are answered, impossibilities are led to realization and miracles happen. Indeed, it is not too late to live by “gratitude” within. It is in our reach, and it is up to us to make a difference out of it in our lives.

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