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For Abundance And Prosperity

If we are constantly asking for a good life, and not doing about it, that desire is simply futile. We do not sleep on our dreams, we make them happen. However, some may not understand that waiting without doing anything is a recipe of achieving nothing. The blessings that are bestowed on us are given because we search them, we desire for them, we pray for them, and we act on them. Simply lying down and waiting for the apple to fall into our mouth is simply indifference to a good life. But once we stand up, use our hands, and pray that the apple may satisfy our hunger, and that self-satisfaction can help others uplift their troubles and miseries a little at least, then we know we have the fullness of something. Living life for abundance and prosperity is not possessing every material thing in this world. Yet, it is possible to know that we have achieved it in every moment of our lives when every act we do for ourselves and others bring about in us contentment and joy.

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