For A Greater Purpose

We live everyday with an unquenchable search for a purpose. Yes, we define ourselves with whatever it makes us comfortable, or may assign ourselves something convenient. But somehow, all definitions and allusions may fade away, if they truly are not. Frankly, the grandest reason we ever live we may never know now. As momentary beings, our eyes are open only to the reality we are in; our focus is limited; and our ability to know more is inherent to our own humanity. Our eyes are not wide enough to see through time and space, to uncover the nuances of every detail we live, and how it impacts to the reality of ourselves and others. We have barely an idea. We have just scratched the surface. We have the hints, but it stays there. We may be privilege to delve deeper into ourselves and discover the wisdom of our own existence, but only to a certain extent. All we know that our lifetime may not have all the answers to all the questions we are asking. Yet, the truth does not stop us from living. As long as we all know, we are made for a greater purpose, then it is up to us to live to that expectation, and be rewarded with the greatest truth, even not in this lifetime….

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