Life is Amazing! Read about a perspective on life in a colored profile through designed banners and gain insights into your own. Reflect what life has offered to you, and how you are responding to its messages and workings. Are you afraid? Are you confident? Are you sad? Or are you feeling content? Ask questions about life in your own perspective, and let Living Thoughts offer you an opportunity of insights to live the best of what you have right now and what you will have in the near future.

Fly High For You Can

It is human to be afraid, and life without fear is without determination. Yet most of us are consumed by its intricacies and effects— that oftentimes, fear paralyzes the way we view life and the way we look at happiness. But why bow down to its claws? Why not instead confront it with the choice to do better than what it offers? Things cannot move on if we incessantly dwell into its willingness to stop everything we are. Yes, fear is a fearful name. Nonetheless, what if we rise above its challenge?


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