Determined To Live

As the saying goes, “After the rain, there is always the rainbow.” True enough, in every struggle there is always the relative calmness where we can build things again uninterrupted. Probably, it’s a cycle, and it’s the cycle of life– “what comes up must come down, or what comes down must come up.” This is the truth of life for the matter, and patience has to be possessed to understand. Yes, we may be lacking effort to know deeper than what we are taught everyday, but at least we are learning. The struggle to stand up after a fall is arduous. Some are persistent; others fall again from the burden of perspective. Indeed, only those who do not succumb to the test of times will find out the secret sauce of strong will and determination for life. Then if they succeed, or if we must try, then we should ask the question: “Are we determined to live for more?”

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