Celebrate Life

Another year begins. Indeed, we start some things anew, and life can be so grateful for  another opportunity by time. But what is time to the person himself deciding? Time and years and decades are all measurements devised to make us think of ourselves. Yet, if we are unwilling to move a step forward and make a better difference, then what is the significance of time? We may continue to live a thousand years, but if we are not learning anything, then what is good with age? Yes, the judge is ourselves. We make decisions. We enjoy the glory or suffer the fallouts. We experience the happiness or tribulation. We take actions or simply remain passive. Everyday is a choice with time. But time simply listens. Or it tells us it may be early or it may be too late. Or it will taunt us with our desire and passion. Time reminds us to live our life with mundane expectations and hopeful reminders, and ourselves deciding to go beyond. Nonetheless, a new year begins— it is time as we know it— so what more is grateful to the other times have passed, than to celebrate life with time today. And after, in a moment of inner silence, we should ask ourselves—“Have we grown with time?”

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