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Brave Life’s Challenges

“We like to put a stop to anything that will bump our way. A life, with a constant barrage of challenges, is not exciting, but tiresome. We want to take a rest once and for all.” In fact, these are some of our very reactions when it comes to a troubled life. But wait– there should always be the sunny side of everything, or the other side of the coin! Indeed, there is. Think of life’s bumps as tests, as in “classroom tests” to know whether we are worthy of either a passing or failing grade. The only difference is that in life, there is no stopping of taking the tests for we never get to graduate. Everyday is a test until the last moment of our breath. Being topnotch is desirable, but being average is usual. Yes, we fail sometimes and thus we study again. In the same way, some obstacles are formidable. Years of preparation are not a guarantee of high marks. But the good thing, there is always the second and third and fourth chances until we achieve the level of competence. There is no saying “you are too late to learn” or “you cannot learn it”. Life in its learning moments through the challenges we confront everyday is designed to know us more and for us to know ourselves better. Thus, brave life’s challenges all the way until the next level begins…

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