Life is Amazing! Read about a perspective on life in a colored profile through designed banners and gain insights into your own. Reflect what life has offered to you, and how you are responding to its messages and workings. Are you afraid? Are you confident? Are you sad? Or are you feeling content? Ask questions about life in your own perspective, and let Living Thoughts offer you an opportunity of insights to live the best of what you have right now and what you will have in the near future.

Be Proud We Are

It’s not a question about who we are and what we can do, but a question about ourselves of having such potentials to realize what our imaginations can create. Yes, sometimes we see ourselves with limitations, which is true. But are we stopping there and resigned to the fact that nothing can be done? It may be delusional to dream much for ourselves when they seem unrealistic. Nonetheless, are we to deprive ourselves with the luxury of wishful thinking? After all, bigger dreams come from small beginnings. Perhaps, an irrelevant being to the eyes of those who cannot go beyond sight, but deep within is having  the power to make a lifetime of difference. Whether dusts on the corner, or the simplest man or woman– the real worth is the meaning we define for ourselves and others. Be proud we are.

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Living Thoughts welcomes your own thoughts about life. Share your perspectives about life in the comment section below. You may share this post as well through your favorite social media. The thought in banner is a perspective of life by the author. It is not derived from any famous quotes or popular quotes. It is a personal insight, commented and reflected upon, in the hope that people reading may live life to the fullest.


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