Life, a complex of moments, is indeed worthwhile to believe. There is more of it to live as every circumstance calls for us to reflect and ponder. One thing– all we need to know is LIFE.

As we live through life, moments traverse with us in our journey. It is through these varied experiences that we learn to live, to move on and understand our very own existence. Living Thoughts will try to articulate some of the learnings in life we need to observe in order to survive the otherwise challenging ordeals and surprises that come on our way. Living Thoughts just presents a certain perspective— the views or learned reflections through a visual concept and presentation by its Author who, the same as you are, is grateful of sharing his insights about life’s beauty in its ups and downs. And by learning the value of life, we may be able to live with meanings in harmony with ourselves and the people around us.

Launched on February 16, 2013 at Facebook, Living Thoughts in this website will continue to explore avenues where it will expand the creative aspects of thinking and living. Go with us in our journey, and share in our understanding about life.

The Author