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A Step Made By Gratitude

In what way our being thankful makes us understand the world around us? Don’t we already have the knowledge, perhaps to explain everything that happens under the sun? For sure, everything has its explanations, and gratefulness will turn every explanation into insights and possibilities. Yes, the positive acceptance of others, things, or events in our life as making who we are and what we are will always be a turning point of something worthwhile. As life is lived in knowing the reasons of everyone and everything about us can be avenues to pursue an encouraged life, much more our recognition of them will double the power of aspirations. When who make us and what make us are recognized in their significant or insignificant roles, they become one with our understanding of our own being. And when we clearly understand ourselves, the more we see the world in its totality and our own life in the play. Wisdom is seeing beyond what we can see in people, events or circumstances. Gratitude sets us away from ourselves to recognize others.  Indeed, a step made by gratitude ….

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