A Better Difference

We move to fulfill a life’s journey. We are resolved at will to make the quest meaningful and happy. In fact, every thing that we do is always geared for success of our endeavors. But somehow, life sometimes makes the turns and twists difficult and surprising, that in our effort to continue we may brush ourselves with failures and pains. However, such experience simply stops there if truly seen with an open mind. Isn’t it failure a postponed success? Isn’t it a learning point for growth? Indeed, our understanding of life can only be deepened by strife and the sincerity to learn every moment that we live. To widen our eyes beyond the sight of the usual scenarios we are accustomed to see and believe is definitely revealing more of ourselves, of how many possibilities are still there to make ourselves content and full, and of how much potentials that are still there to discover. Life does not end when the song is finished with its lyrics. As long as life thrives in every musical note of its existence, all sounds it can hear will always be music to its ears. There are always ways. There are too many of them. We can absolutely find one to make a better difference in our own life and the lives of others. So go on and continue the journey….

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